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Lens Options

Lens Materials:

Material Pros Cons
Glass Very Scratch Resistant       Heavy; Longer turnaround time
Basic Plastic

Good Optics; Good Basic LensCan be tinted for sunglasses

Scratches easier than glass; needs UV coating to protect against the sun’s harmful rays; can be thick with high Rx’s

Thin, light weight; good for kids; Protects against UV

<2% of population may have issues with chromatic aberration (see rainbows)

Mid -Index Plastic Thinner than polycarbonate; Light weight; inherently protects against UV Scratches easier than plastic can be tinted (cosmetically or for sunglasses)
Hi- Index Thinner than Mid-Index; Light weight; Scratches easier than plastic
Plastic Inherently protects against UV Can be tinted (cosmetically, or for Sunglasses)


Lens designs / specialty lenses:

Options Definition Pros Cons
Photo chromic (Transitions/ Instashades) Molecules in the lens that react with UV and darken when you go outside, to have your glasses turn into sunglasses, automatically

convenient pair of sunglasses; cost effective; easy; quick to Darken down

takes up to 5 min for them to lighten up;not very dark behind car windshield (it’s U.V. protectant)                 
Antireflective Coating

Coating applied to lenses to cut down glare and increase visual acuity (especially under of scratch Low-lighting conditions, and with Certain lens materials)

help with night-time driving helps with computer glare Lets others see your eyes, rather than seeing your lenses' glare

coating is put on top coating, so it scratches if you do not clean your glasses properly

Polarized Lenses

Specific lenses that have a filter within the lens which reduces glare better than conventional sunglasses.

Perfect choice for activities where reflective glare is a problem: skiing, fishing driving, boating

UV Coating Coating applied to lenses to protect from the sun’s harmful rays: A(aging) & B (burning) Essentially Clear Coating helps prevent wrinkles and cataract formation N/A
Scratch Resistant coating Coating applied to lenses to help prevent scratching N/A N/A

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