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Lens Designs


Transitions: Molecules in the lens that react with UV and darken when you go outside. These make a convenient pair of sunglasses


Anti-Reflective Coating: Helps with night time driving and computer glare.  Lets others see your eyes, not the glare off your lenses.


Tinting: Conventional, yet stylish, sunglasses. Recommended to aid in the prevention of cataracts and the formation of wrinkles associated with squinting.

polarized Polarized Lenses: Specific lenses that have a filter within the lens, reducing glare better than conventional sunglasses. Great for driving, skiing, fishing, and boating.
hi-index Hi-Index Lenses: Lightest weight material; Great for high prescriptions.

Polycarbonate Lenses: Light weight, impact resistant, great for kids or high prescriptions.


Ultraviolet Protection:  Protects against the sun’s harmful rays; recommended to help prevent the formation of cataracts and wrinkles, no matter if it’s for sunglasses or not.

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